Monday, September 27, 2010

latest on PATNA JUDGEMENT ON Payment of Arrears

The Contempt Petition filed by Shri. SUDAMA SINGH and others against CRB, FC and FA&CAO/ECR for having failed to implement the High Court Order in CASE No.11452 OF 2005 directing the Administration to pay the Arrears of Pay due to the Accounts Employees from 1-1-96 to 18-02-2003 came up for hearing today i.e 21-09-2010. The High Court has ordered Notice to the Government returnable with in 3 Weeks failing which Contempt proceedings will be initiated against CRB, FC and FA&CAO/ECR.

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D.S said...

But sir what happened to that contempt application. Even though considerable time has lapsed, we remain feel frustrated and live in a huff.