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Dated 5th March’ 2010

Dear Comrades,

Accepting the short notice of 15 days most of the CWC Members of AIRASA reached Solapur on 15th February’2010 for the CWC Meeting. Despite the short notice the volunteers of AIRASA, Solapur had made excellent arrangements for the smooth conduct of the Meeting and for the boarding and lodging for the CWC Members.

Sri. K.M. Munshi, President of AIRASA, C. Rly welcomed the delegates. Sri. R.K. Saraswat, President, AIRASA presided over the Meeting. Sri. N. Srinivasan, General Secretary outlined the activities of Central office since last CWC Meeting held at Mysore on 20-03-2009. He dwelt upon the visit of the President, Working President and Genral Secretary to New Delhi in the month of June, September and December 2009 and the recent visit of Shri. Partha Bhattacharjee on 2nd February 2010. He said that despite regular reminders to Board personal meeting with Board Officials and FC there is no much progress in any of our demands including improved Grade pays demanded by the Association except for Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- to Sr. AAs and ACP beneficiaries for which the orders are expected to be issued shortly. He also narrated the activities of Apex Joint Action Committee of Audit and Accounts Employees Organisations. Shri. Partha Bhattacharjee, Working president who attended the last Apex JAC Meeting on 1st February said that the leaders of JAC at New Delhi have met the Minister of State for Finance and demanded immediate settlement of Arbitration Award. He said that the Secretary, Expenditure is in no mood to consider increase in the Grade pays demanded and said that the leaders of all Accounting and Audit organizations have unanimously decided to go on a day’s MASS CASUAL LEAVE on 8th April 2010.

In his presidential address, Shri. R.K. Saraswat the need for Mobilisation of the Cadre and popularizing the demands. He said that the Meeting should explore and discuss the preparedness and possibilities of going on Mass CL before taking any final decision.

In the discussion that followed all the Central Office Bearers and other CWC Members present participated and the highlights of the same are detailed below.

• Large number of CG II appointed Sr.SO(A)s/Sr.TIAs/Sr.ISAs have not been granted Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- whereas their juniors appointed as JAAs have been granted the benefit. Most of these Seniors have been appointed before the introduction of DR quota of JAAs and have completed more than 25 years since their last promotion.

• To demand Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to all AAs on par with Assistants of Central Secretariat who have been granted the same vide MOF order dated 16-11-2009.

• It was deplored that none of the first time Office bearers are attending the CWC meetings.

• Change in designations of Accounts Cadres as proposed to the SCPC by AIRASA should be persued with Railway board.

• Introduction of uniform 5 day week for all the Workshop and Construction Accounts Offices.

Many members reiterated the following isssues also apart from improved Grade Pays for all Cadres.

• AIRASA should fight for general anomalies also like non-grant of increment on 01-01-2006 to all the Employees who drew their increment from 01-02-2005 to 30-06-2005, higher fixation formula on par with PB 3 & 4 instead of 1.86.

• Large number of Accounts Clerks and JAAs are stagnated in the Cadre for more than 10 to 20 years without promotion and Board should consider AIRASA’s proposal of modification of cadre ratior from 20:16:64 to 10:15:75

• Extension of ACP benefit to Stock Verifiers also duly taking the tenure as AA and SV put together for II ACP.

• Non release of orders for Qualification Pay under VI CPC and taking the same into account for fixation of pay on promotions ordered after 1-1-2006.

Following this, the CWC passed the following resolutions unanimously.

1. To resort to MASS CASUAL LEAVE ON 8th April 2010 in pursuance of the Charter of Demands already placed before Railway Board. ( General Secretary will ascertain the preparedness of all the Central and Zonal Office bearers who are not present in the Meeting

2. To urge Railway Board to promote all Group D Staff now classified as Group C as Accounts Clerks on seniority basis doing away with the selection.

3. To appeal to Railway Board to construct Rest Houses in all Metro Cities for Accounts Staff on duty/coming for Medical treatment .

4. To reiterate to Railway Board to change the designations of all accounts Cadres on par with the other organized Accounting organizations of Central Govt.

5. To appeal to Railway board to introduce uniform 5 day week to all Accounts Cadres including Workshop Accounts staff, Stock Verifiers, ISAs and TIAs etc.,

6. To insist Railway Board to treat the promotion of Clerk Grade IIs to Clerk Grade I as Direct Recruitment as passing of Appendix II Examination is the common criteria both for promotion as well as for continuation in service for the direct recruits. This will clear the anomalies of juniors being placed in higher Grade Pay under MACP.

It was also resolved to pursue the resolutions already passed in the last BGM held at Kolkatha, CWC held at Mysore and the Charter of Demands already forwarded to Board after observing the Demands Day on 21-01-2010.

In the evening an Open Session was held for the benefit of Accounts Staff of Sr.DFM/O /Solapur in which Shri. RAGHVANSHI, IRAS, Sr.DFM was the Chief Guest. The other Guests of the Session included Shri. VIJAY KADAM, DFM, Shri. G.P. SORADGI, Sr.AFA/CN and ADFMs. Sri. MUNSHI welcomed the gathering. Sri. R.K. Saraswat Presided over the Meeting. Sri. N. Srinivasan spoke on the anomalies of VI CPC and AIRASA’s efforts. Shri. Shri. RAGHVANSHI, IRAS, Sr.DFM stressed the need for updating of knowledge in tune with the changing scenario in Indian Railways. Sri.V.S. Watare, Divisional Secretary proposed vote of thanks.

The CWC Meeting at Solapur will be memorable one for the participants not only for the hectic discussions and exchange of ideas but also for the exemplary hospitality shown by the volunteers of AIRASA, Solapur, C. Railway including S/Shri. Munshi, V.S. Watare and P.V. Kulkarni.

As decided in the CWC MEETING, The President, General Secretary and Working President talked to the Central Office Bearers, Zonal Office Bearers and other CWC Members who could not attend the CWC Meeting at Solapur on the decision to go on a day’s MASS CL ON 8TH APRIL 2010. After detailed discussions we were given to understand that most of the Zonal Railways and Production Units branches are not in preparedness to go on a day’s MASS CASUAL LEAVE ON 8th April 2010. HENCE IT IS DECIDED THAT ALL BRANCHES/UNITS OF AIRASA SHALL HOLD A DAY LONG DHARNA BEFORE THE GM/DRM’S OFFICES ON 8TH APRIL’2010 IN PURSUANCE OF THE CHARTER OF DEMANDS submitted to Railway Board and in solidarity with the other Organised Accounts and Audit Employees Organizations. A detailed Report on the observance of the same may be sent to the General Secretary, AIRASA.

Yours faithfully,




1. Implement arbitration award by granting higher pay scale notionally w.e.f.

1- 1-1986 and effectively w.e.f 1-1-2006.

2. Upgrade Accounts Clerks by re-designating them as Accounts Assistants and

following pay sales to different cadres-

Accounts Assistant /Jr. Typist PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400

Jr. Accts Asst./Steno Gr.II/ FPE/Sr.Typist PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200

Accts.Asst./Steno Gr.I/ASV/Sr. FPE/Hd.Typ PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600

SO(A)/TIA/ISA/CFPE/Sr.ASV PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800

SO(A)/TIA/ISA PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400

On completion of 4 years.

3. Grant MACP on departmental hierarchy basis on completion of 10 years irrespective of the number of promotions already earned OR Step up pay of Senior Promotees who exhausted ACP in the event of junior drawing more pay and getting ACP in compliance with apex court judgment.

4. Grant one increment and Grade pay of Rs.4800 from the day of passing App.III(IREM) Examination.

5. Grant three increments on passing departmental confirmatory examination.(App.II & IV IREM Exams)

6. Grant Group B Status to SO(A)s/TIAs/ISAs on par with other Audit and Accounts of Central Government.

7. Promote all App. IIA qualified Accounts Clerks as JAAs against DR quota.

8. Promote all Accounts Clerks who have put in 10 years of Service as JAAs.

9. Promote all Staff in Grade Pay 1800 (erstwhile Gr.D) as Accounts Clerks on Seniority basis.

10. Ministry of Railways should treat Railways Accounts as a separate

entity and grant recognition to the representative body of Accounts

Employees of Railways i.e. All India Railway Accounts Staff Association

without any delay

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