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Dated 25th January’ 2012

Dear Comrades,

For functioning of any Organisation active participation of not only the Office bearers but also the members is necessary. Many Accounts Staff simply ask IS AIRASA FUNCTIONING?. This may be due to the facts that there was no communication from the General Secretary after the circulation of Minutes of the 15th July ’11 CWC Meeting and the Resignation General Secretary on his promotion to Group B Services after 14 years of selfless service to the Railway Accounts Community. AIRASA IS FUNCTIONING AS USUAL. Correspondence with the authorities concerned on various pending demands are going on regularly. But to make it more active and vibrant Unit level Meetings and participation of Every Accounts Staff is more necessary. At the Apex level It was decided to convene a CWC Meeting to nominate a Central Office bearer to function as General Secretary till next BGM. But unfortunately no unit came forward to organize the same during October and November 2011. Shri. Ashok Dwivedi, Addl. Genl Secy talked to the DMW , Patiala staff and planned for a Meeting at Patiala on 27th January’2012. But most of the CWC members did not prefer the date because of the severe cold season over there and in the meantime Assembly Elections were also announced which made us to drop the plan.

Then Shri. Partha Bhattacharjee talked to Shri Suryanarayana, Jt. Secretary and asked him to host the Meeting at Kharagpur. Since the only community Hall near to Railway Station is available only on 22nd February, after consulting all Office bearers, it has been decided to hold the next CWC Meeting on 22-02-2012 at DURGA MANDIR, GOLE BAZAR, KHARAGPUR.

All the CWC members are requested to attend without fail and contact Shri. P.Suryanarayana, Jt.Secretary, AIRASA over Mobile No.09679755066 OR Partha Bhattacharjee on09433061426, Subhasisdas Mahapatra 09002081129 to confirm their participation and on arrival at Kharagpur Rly Station.

No Unit/Zone has remitted the membership dues since the last BGM held at Nagpur in Nov’2010 and with the meager balance available the Central Office it is difficult to carry on the activities of the Association and all CWC Members are requested treat the matter very serious and arrange for immediate remittance of the central portion of the membership collection.

Yours Comradely,



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nationwide said...

Partha Bhattacharjee talked to Shri Suryanarayana, Jt. Secretary and asked him to host the Meeting at Kharagpur. Since the alone association Hall abreast to Railway Station is accessible alone on 22nd February,

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