Sunday, March 13, 2011

Delhi Visit

Dated 2nd March 2011
Dear Comrades,

In order to follow up the pending demands with the newly taken over Addl. Member, Finance, ED-PC 1 and other Railway Board Officials, I along with Sri. PARTHA BHATTACHARJEE, Working president camped in New Delhi from 21st to 23rd February’2011. We had fruitful meetings and detailed discussions with Railway Board Officials and submitted reminders on all the pending demands.

1. Regarding the anomalies in MACP, though we had already brought to the notice of the Officials about the Recorded Notes on the MACP anomalies committee meeting held on 15-09-2010 issued by DOPT, so far papers have not yet been initiated by Railway Board. The Addl. Member, Finance assured to look into the papers and initiate action on our demand for treating the promotion as JAA on passing Appendix IIA Exam as Recruitment. We also met Hon’ble M.P Sri. Ravindra Kumar Pandey for his intervention in this regard and he assured to raise the issue through a question in LokSabha.
2. On our demand for calculating the Sr.AA posts as 5% of on the combined strength of SO(A)s and Sr.SO(A)s since both the cadres have been merged by pay Commission, File is under process for reconsideration based on the copies of letters issued by Ministry of Finance in respect of Civil Accounts Staff submitted by us during our earlier visit.
3. We reiterated the demand for promotion of erstwhile Group D Staff now in Group C Status on seniority basis to the post of Accounts Clerk and the officials agreed to examine the matter. We also demanded modification of Recruitment Rules in this regard.
4. Regarding Cadre Restructuring in Accounts department, we placed the following proposals.

a. To mitigate the grievance of Accounts Clerks stagnated in the cadre for want of vacancies in JAA cadre, AIRASA requested for change in the 80 : 20 pattern as 20 : 80 since there are no direct recruitments being made. The proposal was well received and the Accounts directorate Officials promised to initiate papers in this regard.
b. Similarly the ratio of ASVs : Sr. ASVs may be modified from the present 65 : 35 to 20 : 80 as large number of posts are in work charged posts under Sales Organisation which varies from year to year. At present virtually only 10 % are in Sr.ASV cadre.
c. The Sr.AAs cadre should be raised to 10% of merged strength of Section Officers on par with other organized Audit and Accounts depts.

We submitted reminders on the following issues.

a. For change of designations on par with the Organised Accounts and Audit departments.
b. Reintroduction of Grant of increments for passing App. IIA, App.IIIA and IV Examinations.
c. Modification of Recruitment Rules for selection to the post of AAOs and submitted the copies of Recruitment Rules of other Organised Accounts and Audit which contains selection by seniority cum suitability only.
d. On the issue of TIA/ISA group App III passed candidates waiting for promotion for more than 15 years , reminders have been submitted to give adhoc promotions as available in CAG’s Offices and the officials were also requested to give directions to all the Zonal Railways to create additional posts of TIAs and ISAs.
e. Improved VI PC Grade Pays in respect of Accounts Clerks, JAAs, AAs, FPEs, Typists and Stenoraphers.
f. We also insisted the need for extending the Special Allowance to those ASVs who came from the Cadre of JAAs. We also pointed out that many Railways are not granting MACP to Stock Verifiers duly taking their combined service in AA and ASV cadre and requested for issue of clarifications in this regard.

Group B Status to SO(A)/TIA/ISA.

We expressed our anguish over non affording of Group B Status to SO(A)/TIA/ISA to top Railway Board Officials and requested them to have a fresh look into the issue since the demand is based on the upgradation of these posts to the Scale of Rs.7500-12000 by the VI PC vide para 7.56.9. The matter has been taken up through the Petitions Committee of Parliament also with the recommendation of a Lok Sabha M.P.

Yours Comradely,

General Secretary

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